The Art of Running a Good Race

I used to be really into running.

I ran all throughout middle school and high school, and had the opportunity to join my college’s Division I team my sophomore year. Unfortunately, timing was not on my side during that season of life, so I wasn’t able to fully execute my running dreams.

But I spent a lot of time reading about running and learning about the mechanics of the human body. I was performance-oriented. It didn’t matter how well I performed in practice. If I didn’t hit the marks on my races, none of the workouts mattered.

Looking back, I can’t believe how hyperfocused I was. A bad race could shake me to the core, and I would often destroy myself before I even got to the starting line. I’ve evolved wholly and completely since then, and am less ruffled by pretty much everything. Yoga and a solid weightlifting routine have centered me (and also shrinking my ego a bit).

I stumbled upon my old running notebook on my trip home for the holidays. And there was a quite a bit of good advice in there, gleaned primarily from Chi Running. And who would I be if I didn’t share good advice from 15-year old me and an excellent book? The green is my 15-year old running-self, the blue is my current interpretation.

Soft is Strong


The Importance of Our Thoughts

Staying in the Moment

The Four Steps to Racing

Strength in the Face of Uncertainty

Learning from Failure

Finding Inner Power

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