Statistics in One Slide: Sample Mean

“If you can’t explain it to a baby, then you don’t really understand it”

Someone told me that once, and it really resonated with me. All throughout college, I was a tutor, and so it was literally my job to explain things to people.

I would often find myself trying to explain things that I didn’t understand to myself, in the form of blogging (Risking the Biscuit, anyone?). It helps to write down ideas, form a thesis around it, and then determine the direction that you want to go with it.

I’ve learned a lot this way. Research, digging into to different thought pieces – it’s fascinating.

I am writing another piece about Brownian Motion and Random Walks, and I found myself getting extremely into the calculus. So I took a step back. I revisited the roots of statistical analysis, which is what this image below is.

The sample mean, in one slide. Breaks down the different components, the assumptions, and why we interact with it the way that we do. It was a fun project, and I plan to create a whole “One Slide” series.

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