my writing frequency and the overwhelming idea

A brief update:

You might notice me publishing a bit more frequently over the next few weeks (hopefully). I found myself in a bit of analysis paralysis. I usually write long-form pieces, which require a decent amount of research and thought.

However, I also have the tendency to be overly thorough, and my analysis can come out as summary, rather than opinion.

That also means that I can take weeks to perfect an article (and it still manages to have spelling errors).

I do have a very, very full-time role, so I write after-hours.

But I’ve recently had a lot of ideas that eat me away at night if I don’t sit down and write them (the Bee piece from yesterday was a byproduct of a 2 am thought last Saturday). I’d much rather have this than writer’s block, but I’d also like a bit more sleep!

I am going to try to honor these ideas the best that I can over the next few weeks, but hopefully you will see more of my thoughts sprinkled in, and things feel less book-reporty.

I began this blog when I was 19 as a way to chronicle my options trading experience, which began when I was 16. Once I got to upper levels in college, it became a place for me to post equity research and macroeconomic thought pieces. I was able to write for Seeking Alpha, develop a podcast (somewhat) and a YouTube Channel. I am limited in what I can write about currently due to compliance BUT the blog has taken a turn towards data analysis / broader economics of living, which I really enjoy.

I don’t quite have a main focus in my writing because I get excited by things across the board. I will admit that most of my pieces are points of curiosity for me, but I very open to idea shares. I would love to collaborate as well.

Here’s a brief list of my idea run last night (if you don’t take runs just to think, highly recommend). If you are working on something below, or know someone who is, please connect with me! Feel free to email at


  • Pickup truck data (truck bloat)
  • Economics of only fans
  • Economics of bees
  • History of petroleum
  • All abuse of power begins in the abuse of language
  • The creator economy
  • The fox and the hedgehog (animal spirits)
  • Voter logic
  • Game Theory
  • Fb paying people to deactivate
  • The grading algorithm
  • Nut glut
  • Derivatives are the driver for the underlying
  • Being math smart
  • Women in Horror
  • Temp in body relative to temp of earth 
  • Why do we have allergies (male trees)
  • Marquita Bradshaw raised $0
  • IPOs and sneaker drops 
  • Small business lending vs home ownership 
  • Water use in burgers vs beyond meat 
  • Sinclair tv ownership
  • The fate of plastics
  • Sahil Bloom

I hope everyone is staying safe. Remember to vote. Sending good energy and peace to all.

Thanks for reading, and as always, if you have any questions, please reach out.

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