Emerging Markets: Strong Dollar & The Path to Emerged Markets

How do you value pieces of paper? What creates currency? What makes the dollar a reserve currency?

There are several different models used to value currency, including Purchasing Power Parity and the BEER (Behavioral Equilibrium Exchange Rate) model, amongst others. There are several variables that go into those models, most notably conditional expectations, current rates, term premiums, national savings/investment, demographics, and interest rate differentials.

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Dollar vs Yuan: Podcast Version

Click here for the link to my FIRST podcast EVER.

Expanding the blog into a new territory.

I learn by reading (hence, the blog). Some people learn by listening. Some by seeing. Some learn through kinesthetics (I’ll have to brainstorm some ideas on that one).

I want information to be accessible to everyone. That’s why I post a ton of graphs. That’s why I write the blog. And now, that’s why this podcast exists.

Exciting things coming for Scanlon on Stocks. Thanks for joining me on the adventure.


The WWE (World Wide Exchanges) SmackDown!: Dollar Battles Yuan for Trade War Prize

WWE is known for ” purely entertainment-based, featuring storyline-driven, scripted, and choreographed matches, though matches often included moves that can put performers at risk of injury if not performed correctly.”

I thought that outline was fitting for what is currently happening in our macroeconomy.

I’ve done a couple of pieces like this before – a general market update, a way to stay engaged and plugged into what is going on. This one is more speculative than usual. There is an absolute barrage of overwhelming information out there, and its hard to make sense of it all.

But that’s why Scanlon on Stocks exists – to help that information seem a little bit less overwhelming.

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Venezuela: The Country that Once Was

Recently, the country of Venezuela has made headlines. The country is on the brink of a civil war, facing massive inflation, a corrupt government, and a population that is comprised of 80% living below the poverty line.

The country is going through a financial crisis, with inflation jumping 741% from February 2016 to February 2017, according to TradingEconomics.com. So something that costed you 1 bolivar (the Venezuelan currency) now costs 741 bolivars.

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