Category: Market Analysis

  • How Lyft’s IPO Proves the Dominance of Amazon

    Lyft recently filed their IPO prospectus, drawing attention to the 2019 Public Offering Class, which includes their rival, Uber Lyft uses the cloud to support their ride-sharing platform and has gone all-in with AWS The Cloud is growing increasingly important in determining the success of the companies that use it Companies that offer cloud hosting […]

  • The Boeing Company: Keeping it Plane Simple

    Boeing has been one of the “Darlings of the Dow” for a long time The company has a lot of growth opportunities, both in the commercial plane space and the defense industry The stock price has almost doubled over the past year, and the company actively buys back shares and pays out strong dividends The […]

  • Microsoft: Reaching for Infinity and Beyond

    MSFT is an industry leader in software services, and has been a strong company for many years They are allocating a large amount of resources to their cloud segment The industry as a whole is constantly evolving, but could be prone to a slowdown if the economy contracts Microsoft is one of the most well-known […]

  • The Key to High Returns: Ignoring all the Data

    The economy and the stock market are two different entities, but the impact that one has on the other is extremely important The stock market has trended upward since its December lows The hard data shows slowdowns, consumer sentiment is waning, but the market continues higher The market trends to the upside over time, and […]

  • The Fourth Estate: The Future of the Media Industry

    “If the product is free, you are the product.”: Advertising dollars speak volumes, and data collection on consumers is driving the bottom line The newspaper industry has experienced a contraction in advertising revenues, and have to find other sources of cash Subscription services will become more prevalent over time It is vital to community success […]

  • The Overleveraged University: The Crisis In Higher Education

    Both universities and their students are becoming increasingly more indebted Public and private universities have different exposure risks, with public schools more reliant on tuition fees and private schools reliant on market returns. Alternatives to traditional higher education are on the rise The higher education industry is long overdue for an operational overhaul The Debt […]

  • The Boy’s Club: Podcast

    Wanted to jump back into the podcast world, since it’s been a few minutes since my last one. Also, wanted to provide some voice to the written word of my most recent blog. Click Here to hear some more perspective, and as always, comments, feedback etc welcome and encouraged.

  • The Boy’s Club: Discussing Gender Disparity in the Financial Industry

    The efforts that the industry has made to include female representation are very visible, but they do not appear to be enough The number of females in top positions have contracted over the past year and there is a persistent pay gap Women are underrepresented as fund managers, despite equal performance Thought leadership is the […]

  • Running Out of Gas: The Direction of the Auto Industry

    The auto industry is showing signs of weakness, through compressed sales figures and job losses Automakers didn’t pay enough attention to consumer demand for SUVs, and they have to be careful not to repeat that error with electric vehicles There are several things disrupting the industry, such as autonomous vehicles, ride-sharing, and Tesla The auto […]

  • The Power Of Monopoly: PG&E’s Plan To Keep The Lights On

    PG&E is currently under investigation for their potential involvement in several wildfires, including the costliest one of 2018. The company cannot afford the liabilities from the fires and are in talks of declaring bankruptcy. PG&E got their rating cut to junk by S&P, and are under examination by the other rating agencies. The company is […]