Category: Market Analysis

  • The Endless Loop: The Liquidity Dry-Up

    The liquidity in the market has been decreasing steadily over time Less liquidity results in more volatility, which results in less liquidity, and ends up creating a potentially never ending feedback loop The increase in passive fund investments can put a further squeeze on liquidity in the markets and within those funds The increasing concentration […]

  • The Sin Industry: Altria’s Taking A Gamble On Vaping and Cannabis

    Altria has historically been strong, but has dipped in value over the past year They made a $12.8B stake in JUUL, pushing Juul to triple decacorn status JUUL is a young company that has experienced substantial growth over the past three years, and currently represents the future of e-cigarette industry Altria is breaking into the […]

  • It is Just a Cycle: Reversion to the Mean

    The Fed has no choice but to hike rates to normalize the economy Fear and irrational anxiety are moving the markets Understanding market cycles will lead to the highest returns in the long run Corrections are not always a bad thing Following the Fed Trend: Always One Step Behind  The Fed hiked rates recently in […]

  • The Recession Proof Play: Dollar Stores

    Dollar stores are taking over rural America, with strong annual growth numbers and strong sales The growing wealth gap enables this takeover, and encourages Dollar Stores to grow at a rate of over 1,000 stores per year If we enter into a Recession, Dollar Stores could gain even more traction The Dollarization of America Grocery […]

  • Losing the Race: Under Armour’s Downward Trajectory

    Under Armour is losing ground and needs to pay attention to the direction that the industry is going There are several nonoperational issues plaguing the business Under Armour is getting left behind in the fitness space The athleisure trend reflects a lifestyle change that will permanently impact retail Under Armour: The Importance of Performance The […]

  • Capturing Generational Alpha: How Millennials Invest and Why It Matters

    Millennials have the most to gain from investing – because they aren’t invested Millennials are the most educated, the most indebted, and the future of the world. Capturing Millennial potential wealth in the stock market is extremely important from an institutional and economic perspective Generational Changes: The Millennial Takeover of the Job Market Millennials are […]

  • Eddie Lampert’s Biggest Failure: The Collapse of Sears and The Importance of Corporate Governance

    There is a big difference between managing a company and managing a hedge fund Wealth creation begins with focusing on employees and customers in the retail business. If neither are happy, the company will fail. The retail sector has headwinds, but some companies are prevailing, with room for continued growth The Rise and Fall of […]

  • Afraid Of The Dark? Why The S&P 500 Is Not A True Measure Of Stock Market Strength

    The S&P 500 has gained 6.73% over the last 30 years whereas the average investor saw a return of 3.6%. 37% of Americans are more afraid of investing (more than the 14% that are of the dark). Creating a reliable index will encourage more investors to enter and stay in the stock market. For the […]

  • Why No One Cares About the Stock Market

    The VIX is up almost 27% Year over Year, but is still near all-time lows The S&P 500, Dow Jones, and the Nasdaq are all posting record highs The average consumer does not reap the benefits of a rising tide, but gets hurt by a crashing wave Welcome to the Recovery We have been in […]

  • The For-Profit Education Sector: How to Profit from Policy Change

    The Trump administration has made it easier for for-profit educational companies to turn a profit There are significant shifts in the education sector, with moves towards online learning and student loan accountability There are significant headwinds facing the for-profit companies, but if they can gain investor trust, we will see substantial growth The average college […]