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  • Drowning in Debt: The Road to $30 Trillion

    The United States is at risk to enter a credit crunch We are expected to run a $1T deficit for the next 3 years, representing 5% of GDP The debt is sapping out the growth potential of the nation Let’s talk about debt. The Suspension of the Budget Deficit: United States of Debt The United […]

  • Emerging Markets: Strong Dollar & The Path to Emerged Markets

    How do you value pieces of paper? What creates currency? What makes the dollar a reserve currency? There are several different models used to value currency, including Purchasing Power Parity and the BEER (Behavioral Equilibrium Exchange Rate) model, amongst others. There are several variables that go into those models, most notably conditional expectations, current rates, […]

  • The Contagion of Currency: The Podcast An analysis of how we value currency, what is going on with the lira, and how it affects all emerging market. Enjoy!

  • Starbucks & Growth: Embracing China’s Multi-Billion Dollar Market

    Starbucks created the “coffee experience” which was their economic moat in the beginning and has deteriorated over time for numerous reasons Howard Schultz (Founder and Former CEO) & Scott Maw (CFO) leaving will create temporary headwinds and investor concern Success in China is necessary for the success of the company SBUX is America’s favorite drink […]

  • AAPL, Gravitational Theory, and Sir Isaac Newton

    “What goes up, must come down” – Sir Isaac Newton. The original apple guy. Newton created his theory of gravity by observing apples fall from trees (amongst other things). As his friend William Stuckley wrote – “we went into the garden… under the shade of some appletrees… the notion of gravitation came into his mind. […]

  • Dollar vs Yuan: Podcast Version

    Click here for the link to my FIRST podcast EVER. Expanding the blog into a new territory. I learn by reading (hence, the blog). Some people learn by listening. Some by seeing. Some learn through kinesthetics (I’ll have to brainstorm some ideas on that one). I want information to be accessible to everyone. That’s why […]

  • The WWE (World Wide Exchanges) SmackDown!: Dollar Battles Yuan for Trade War Prize

    WWE is known for ” purely entertainment-based, featuring storyline-driven, scripted, and choreographed matches, though matches often included moves that can put performers at risk of injury if not performed correctly.” I thought that outline was fitting for what is currently happening in our macroeconomy. I’ve done a couple of pieces like this before – a general market update, a […]

  • Currency Valuation: A (Basic) Quantitative Analysis of the Foreign Exchange Market

    As the world becomes more globalized, currency valuation becomes more important. As the Federal Reserve continues on the slow grind to higher interest rates, currency valuation becomes more important. As inflation increases, currency valuation becomes more important.

  • The Perpetuity of Change: An Analysis of the Federal Reserve System

    A lot has happened in the world since I last wrote. Enough to where I had trouble picking a blog topic. Do I talk about the dollar? Or do I talk about the devilish decline in the DJIA, that has people running for the hills? Or do I talk about the meltdown in the crypto […]

  • The Bipartisanship Crisis: What the Irreconcilability Means for the Future

    “We need some government to do some things — keep the peace, for example — but otherwise, government should mostly leave us alone.” – Tyler Durden Right now, our country seems to be suffering from the malady of the supposed necessity of bipartisanship. Everything is yes or no, right or wrong, here or there. There […]