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  • Student Loans: The Next Bubble Waiting To Burst

    This is a guest piece by Jordan. Enjoy his post about how student loans will wreck the economy! At some point along the way, high school students became convinced that college was the only option following graduation.  They were also convinced that it was the norm to take out loans to finance their higher education […]

  • Black Swans and the Federal Reserve: Is There Really a Difference?

    “The black swans are circling like vultures now. Dark economic events seem to be flying in out of nowhere for those who have vision to see them. Even dovish New York Fed President William Dudley says that he is less confident about the economy than he was when he and his Feddish partners voted to […]

  • Asset/Liability Structure of Depository Institutions and Interest Rate Risk

    I’ve gotten pretty theoretical on here lately, so I thought it would be a good idea to completely saturate this post with formulas and math. This is something that we covered in my Money and Capital Markets class, and all information and results are courtesy of my professor. In this post, I prove that hedging […]

  • Why Our Economy isn’t Growing

    In one of my more recent articles, I discussed how the CPI was falsely measured in order to keep inflation rates low. The Fed does this because they want to ensure consumers that things are going well, and that there is nothing to be concerned about. They also prove this to consumers through the GDP, […]

  • GDP and CPI: Terrible Measures of Well-Being

    The world seems to believe that the economy and the stock market are performing well. Numerically, they aren’t wrong. The metrics are all at all-time highs, and paint a pretty rosy picture. The DJIA is almost at 23,000 (I remember when they were hyping up it passing 20k). Unemployment rate is sitting at 4.1%, which […]

  • Flying on the Wings of an Eagle: The Unsustainable Trajectory of the Healthcare Sector

    Eagle Pharmaceuticals (EGRX) is one of those companies. The ones that you look at, and you think that you might have just struck gold. The company has incredible profitability metrics, is undervalued with regards to the PE ratio, and has lots of room for expansion, as they carry no debt. The only problem: they are […]

  • EVHC and the Economic Effects of Financialization

    EVHC is a stock that has experienced a lot of movement recently, with a lot of different events effecting its valuation and stock price intensely. The stock trades in the Healthcare Services industry, and has a relatively small market capitalization of $5.8 billion. They don’t give out dividends. As of recently, they don’t deliver POSITIVE […]

  • AAPL: The One Trillion Dollar Question

    Apple is a big company – like, really big. Like about to approach a market capitalization of $1 trillion big. The stock would need to gain 22% more in price before that happens, increasing to a ripe $193.70, according to the Wall Street Journal. Right now, the stock sits around $161.50, with a market capitalization […]

  • Disney: Will the Mouse Survive?

    Disney is a solid company, with good dividends and a strong brand name. They have won the hearts of millions with their movies and parks, and have become commonplace in the lives of adults and children alike. They’ve been around for ages, a solid rock of performance in the stock market. A safe stock for […]

  • Bourgeois Virtues

    This is a research review that I wrote on a book, “The Bourgeois Virtues: ETHICS FOR AN AGE OF COMMERCE” by Deirde McCloskey. This is a 13 page paper, and quite honestly very boring. But economics and an analysis of said factors is a key part of how our world works. Thus, we must engage […]