Category: Market Analysis

  • ETF: Exhange Traded Fund or Extra Tricky Foe?

    An ETF, or exchange traded fund, is a financial product that tracks indexes, commodities, or a large basket of stocks. It can track overall markets, like the SPY, which tracks the SP 500 (SPX), or IWM, which tracks the Russell 2000 (RUT). ETFs can also track countries, like the FXI tracks China equities, and the […]

  • Big Pharma

    The USA healthcare system is the most expensive in the world. A common anecdote that exemplifies the situation is that of an American patient needing gastric bypass surgery, able to fly to Spain, get the procedure done, stay for recovery, and fly back to the United States, all for less than just the procedure would […]

  • The State of US Healthcare

    Healthcare is in a hole. Just a simple google search of “US healthcare” turns up numerous articles, with titles like “US Healthcare: Most Expensive and Worst Performing” and “The Pathetic State of US Healthcare. That’s a bit concerning.

  • The Path Towards True Economic Growth

    We are in the midst of what some call the “Trump Tirade”. Stocks have been on a substantial rally, and the only question people seem to be asking is “how high can it go?” Not, “when is it going to revert back?” or “when will people realize that the market is grossly overvalued?” Instead, it’s […]

  • Dumb Money vs. Smart Money

    Right now, it seems as though the market can do no wrong. It has been on steady increase the past few years, simply chugging along. Small investors are cautiously beginning to enter the marketplace, as their hope in a better tomorrow rises along with the price of stocks. But as the stock valuations continue to […]

  • DOW 20,000: Is it Really Something We Should Be Excited About?

    It’s been in the news for weeks. “DOW APPROACHES 20,000!!” The news anchors say excitedly. Newspaper headlines blare: ECONOMY IS IN RECOVERY. UNEMPLOYMENT IS AT AN ALL TIME LOW. MONEY IS LITERALLY RAINING DOWN FROM THE SKY. But is the DJIA hitting 20,000 really a good thing?