I really like philosophy and publish some poems (?) on my alt tiktok account.

I don’t know what I want to do with this. One day I’d like to make something that is more concrete than a fleeting tiktok video, but until then.

My favorite philosopher is Emil Cioran because I find him funny, and appreciate his views on not taking the world all too seriously. He definitely takes it to the extreme, but I think the idea that we are here-and that is all we are- is comforting somehow.

I am currently reading GK Chesterton’s autobiography which is tremendously funny too. I really like how he sneaks in these sharp punches – you think he is being completely unserious, but then he warps your mind to recognize it’s own humanness.

I definitely have a sense of nihilism but I think it’s overpowered by hope, at least as of right now. I like to think of the world as beautiful – the human existence itself is some sort of magic – but there is an unfathomable amount of pain that exists within that beauty.

Poems (?) BEST paired with video but here is the text

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