This is my now page, with a list of projects that I am currently working on, and an abbreviated list of things that I am thinking about.

I am a creator (curator, mostly), investor, writer, and researcher. I am currently focused on philosophy, behavioral analysis through the markets, learning design, and riding my bike as far as possible. I currently am building a company in the Fintech space (launching soon!). Here’s a link to my Spotify if you want to see my brain soundtrack and please follow my stream of consciousness on Twitter!

Short Term Projects

Current Article Drafts

  • Venture Capital and #OccupyDefi
  • Regulation in the crypto space
  • The centralization of decentralization
  • Anti-automobile (truck bloat)
  • The Economics of Food Trucks
  • The History of Fossil Fuels
  • A Model for the Future of Grocery Stores
  • P-Hacking in the Sports Industry

Current Ideas / Things I’m Thinking About / Questions I Have

  • Vending machine economics
  • Transportation as economic power
  • The predecessor to great ideas = Nook -> Peloton
  • Why do we have credit scores?
  • Virtual identity and avatars via Poki
  • Betting markets – election, sports, etc.
  • The Unbundling of Education
  • Making money: new product adoption versus growth opportunities
  • The Influencer premium
  • IBM and patent stickiness
  • American money spending habits
  • Consumer spending as economic growth
  • Gastrodiplomacy
  • Climbing the mountain, but nothing is there
  • We don’t need new stuff, we just need improved stuff
  • All abuse of power begins in the abuse of language (fewer vs less)
  • The grading algorithm
  • Derivatives as the driver for the underlying
  • Why do we have allergies (male trees)
  • IPOs and sneaker drops 
  • Small business lending vs home ownership 
  • What makes a community?
  • Financial literacy: removing, not adding another thing
  • Why do people hate bikes?
  • Shopping cart habits as a leading indicator for humanity

Long Term Projects

  • What Happened Today? Daily news show (big focus)
  • Weekly research papers (big focus)
  • A platform for financial education
  • Illustrated terms
  • Illustrated crypto guide + interactivity platform
  • Game Theory for Babies (a children’s book)