I am a creator (curator, mostly), investor, writer, and researcher. I am currently focused on philosophy, behavioral analysis through the markets, learning design, and riding my bike as far as possible. I currently am building a company in the Fintech space (launching soonish!). Here’s a link to my Spotify if you want to see my brain soundtrack and please follow my stream of consciousness on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Substack (where my writing now sits) and YouTube!

Current Interests

  • Consumer spending as a measure of GDP growth
  • Financial warfare
  • Deglobalization
  • The stickiness of narratives
  • Green energy policy and green energy investment

Current Ideas / Questions I Have

  • Transportation as economic power
  • Why do we have credit scores?
  • Betting markets – election, sports, etc.
  • The Unbundling of Education
  • Climbing the mountain, but nothing is there
  • We don’t need new stuff, we just need improved stuff
  • Small business lending vs home ownership 
  • Financial literacy: removing, not adding another thing
  • Shopping cart habits as a leading indicator for humanity

Long Term Projects

  • What Happened Today? Daily news show
  • Weekly research papers
  • 2-3 YouTube Videos/week
  • A platform for financial education
  • Illustrated terms
  • Illustrated crypto guide + interactivity platform
  • Game Theory for Babies (a children’s book)

My Writing

This piece is my magnum opus at the moment: Tradeoffs, or Why Things Don’t Make Sense and The Theories of Interconnectivity

My Favorite Articles

Market Philosophy


Market Guides

Geopolitical Analysis


Game Theory

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Social Commentary


Old Market Analysis

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