My name is Kyla Scanlon, and I am a senior in college majoring in Finance, Economics, and Data Analytics. I am a CFA Level I Candidate, and plan on taking the SIE Exam this Spring to prepare for the Series Exams. My ultimate goal is to be Kyla Scanlon, CFA, CFP, CPA, PhD 🙂

I am extremely extremely passionate about learning and knowledge. I am a research fellow in WKU’s Economics and Information Systems Department, as well as a tutor for the Gordon Ford College of Business. I am a former athlete for my school’s Division I Track and Field Team.

I serve on the Dean’s Student Advisory Council, where I advise the Dean of the Business College on student needs. I founded the WKU Women in Business Club, where I am currently serving as President over a 7-woman executive board. The team and I founded the club for professional and personal development opportunities to business majors. I serve on four college-wide councils as a student representative. I am also on the Dean’s Search Committee, and was able to help select the next Dean of GFCB.

I am active in research, and just published my first paper: “The Effects of Terrorism on the Stock Market: Evidence from High Frequency Data”. This paper placed third-place in Butler University’s Undergraduate Research Conference. I presented “How Terrorism Impacts Consumer Sentiment: Evidence From Twitter Data” at the Teradata Research Conference in October, and will presented again at Posters at the Capital in February. These papers are combining into my capstone thesis for the Honors College at WKU.

I am also heavily involved in the finance world. I write this blog, Scanlon on Stocks, which is designed to help people learn how to invest using options. I am working on developing a YouTube Channel and a podcast to further aid in helping others learn. The podcast is sponsored by SquareSpace, and I hope to expand it to a more personal finance spin.

I have had Y/Y growth of 1000+% in my viewership numbers, and I specialize in macroeconomic analysis, portfolio strategy, and forex on Seeking Alpha. I hope to continue building out the Scanlon on Stocks brand well into the future.

I was the team leader for my schools Certified Financial Analyst Challenge, in which we placed third. I am the Lead Portfolio Manager for the Tennessee Valley Authority portfolio, a $500k portfolio which saw a 29.7% return under my team’s tutelage.

I co-authored a research survey for student needs at WKU, which garnered national attention. It is being used by the Strategic Planning team to help design WKU’s next ten years. It was a grassroots campaign that resulted in 3,000+ responses to our survey, and a 15-page report delivered directly to the President of our university.

I have won several scholarships and academic accolades while at WKU, such as the President’s List and the C. Keith Davis Award. I am the only student to ever serve two consecutive terms as Beta Gamma Sigma’s Vice President. I am self-taught in 3 computer programming languages, and am working on my proficiency in Python currently.

I have had two internships that have shaped my career path, including selling cars for a summer. I was the intern at the Hyundai division for the Oxmoor Auto Group, where I worked with hundreds of customers one-on-one to determine their needs, and help them find the vehicle that met those needs. I negotiated and sold over 38 cars over a 2-month time span, selling $1.2M of product in less than 60 days. I generated 17.6% of monthly revenue for my store, and was the top ranked salesperson for two consecutive months.

I was also the intern for the Investment Strategy and Research Team at Hilliard Lyons. I reported directly to the Chief Investment Officer, and created reports on dollar valuation and other forex analysis.

Finally, I volunteer for Super Saturdays, an organization that connects college students and elementary schoolers in a mentorship program. In my free time, I like to lift weights, run, and practice yoga. I am an outdoor enthusiast, and love the ocean. I also like a good pun now and again.