About Me

My name is Kyla Scanlon. I like math, I like markets, and I like musings.

I actually wasn’t too good at math for most of my life. It wasn’t until college that things clicked for me. Once I learned statistics, my world changed. I still pull out the calculator for most things, but if 8-year old Kyla knew that I was doing math for fun, her mind would be boggled.

I have always been really interested in story telling. That’s why I like markets. It’s like figuring out a big puzzle that will never fit together.

I was a big reader all my life – I would go to the library, get a stack of ten books, and read them all in the week – and repeat the cycle over again. That quickly translated into a love of writing – my first book was “The Little Penguin”. I’ve written a book almost every year of my life, before transitioning into my blog my sophomore year of college to chronicle my options trading. I’d like to write a (many) book(s) again, one day.

My focus has shifted towards statistics and data science, and I like to put together thought pieces on everything from Tik Tok algorithms to Brownian Motion.

In my free time, I like to run (relatively fast), bike (relatively slow), practice yoga, flop around at Crossfit, and read lots of books. I am an INTJ, and am happiest at home with my plants. One of my favorite traits is my curiousity (which is quite the double-edged sword) and I tend to ask a lot of questions.

My life equation is Happiness = Learning + Thinking + Writing

If you have any thoughts or want to share ideas, please email me at kyla.scanlon@outlook.com or follow me on Twitter @scanlon_kyla